Bylaws of the Monterey Cannabis Democrats
Created: May 10, 2017


The name of this organization shall be the MONTEREY CANNABIS DEMOCRATS. (MCD)


The MCD shall be devoted to the promotion and advancement for the Democratic Party in relation to the implementation of reasonable cannabis policy. And as cannabis policy and regulations evolve, to act as the educational resource for the Democratic Party. And to the facilitation of the election of Democratic candidates for public offices who share these values.

Section 1: Qualifications

A person is eligible for membership on the MCD if such person is a registered Democrat in Monterey County. Honorary Members described in Section 2. need not be registered in Monterey County.

Section 2: Categories of Membership

There shall be 2 types of membership:

  1. Full Voting Member
  2. Honorary Member

LIFETIME membership fees are a suggested donation of: five on it.

If a prospective member cannot meet the financial obligations of membership, they can sign a waiver to have their dues waived.

Full Voting Membership shall include:

  • Attendance of the last 3 meetings.  
  • The MCD may appoint individuals with areas of expertise important to the conduct of its various programs and activities as honorary members. These members DO NOT get a vote.
Section 3: Removal from Membership

Membership may be terminated voluntarily by the Member or by action of the MCD.

Voluntary termination:

  1. A Member shall tender his or her termination in writing to the President.

Automatic termination:

  1. The MCD shall remove any Member if he or she is no longer a registered Democrat.
  2. The MCD shall remove any Member if he or she is no longer a resident of Monterey County. They can become an honorary member instead.
  3. Full voting Members shall be have their voting privileges removed if, during their term of membership, they have three (3) unexcused absences in a 6-month time span.
    1. An unexcused absence is at the discretion of the Board and can only be “excused” within one week.
  4. The President shall notify the offending member by letter after the member’s third unexcused absence. This voting-privileges suspension shall extend until they resume meeting attendance (3 consecutive meetings).

Termination for cause:

  1. MCD Members may be removed for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership if they:
    1. Publicly avow preference for another party.
    2. Publicly give support to or avow a preference for a candidate nominated by another party. Publicly give support to or avow preference for a candidate who is not a registered Democrat unless such support is expressly authorized by this committee.
    3. Engage in any other notorious disreputable misconduct identified by the MCD, not limited to: negative MCD representation, verbal or physical abuse or harassment, etc.

Procedure for removal for cause:

  1. Allegations of misconduct as specified in Section C.1 above shall be referred to the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall first determine if the offending conduct was inappropriate before referring the allegations to the Credential Subcommittee.
  2. The Credentials Subcommittee shall investigate all charges. If substantiated, the President shall send to the accused Member, by timely registered mail, a copy of the statement of charges and a letter stating that the accused Member may either resign or have a hearing before the Members of the MCD. At that hearing, the accused Member shall be afforded an opportunity to respond to the statement of charges and to confront any witnesses. That Member may be represented at his or her own expense.
  3. If the accused Member does not resign, the President shall schedule a hearing before the MCD. The President shall send a copy of the statement of charges to all Members of the MCD, along with a notice of the date, time, and location of the hearing at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled hearing.
  4. At the hearing, the Members shall examine the statement of charges. The accused Member shall be afforded an opportunity to respond to the charges, and to confront any witnesses. The hearing shall be conducted in such fashion as to afford the accused Member due process. The hearing shall be held in closed session, attended only by voting Members of the MCD. At the conclusion of the hearing, upon motion for removal, the accused Member may be removed by a vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Members present and voting.
  5. The Executive Board may choose to recommend censure in lieu of removal. The accused member may be censured via the same procedure as outlined in paragraphs a through d above.
Section 1: Officers

The elected officers of the MCD shall be:

  • President – Ryan Munevar
  • First Vice President – Joey Espinoza
  • Second Vice President
  • Development Officer – Omar Perez

  • Treasurer – Dominic Dursa
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Political CoordinatorAdam Pinterits
  • Secretary – Cristina St. Germain

All Officers will be required to:

  1. Submit a resume
  2. Submit answers to a questionnaire
  3. Be available to questioning from the Club

President Responsibilities:

  1. Serving as the President and official spokesperson of the MCD
  2. Presiding over MCD meetings and prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  3. Managing, directing and hiring staff (whether volunteers or hired)
  4. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.
  5. Appointing all persons and Members of all sub-committees, whether standing or ad hoc, unless such positions are included among the duties of other officers, and shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio Member of all subcommittees.

First Vice President Responsibilities: Supports President

  1. Serving as acting President in the absence of the President
  2. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.

Second Vice President Responsibilities: Supports President & First Vice President

  1. Serving as acting President in the absence of the President And First Vice President.
  2. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.

Treasurer Responsibilities: Accounting

  1. Maintaining accurate and detailed financial records of the MCD, and reporting on the MCD’s financial status, including all income to and disbursements from all MCD accounts at each regular meeting.
    1. Financial status reports shall be distributed with the minutes.
  2. Preparing an annual budget for approval by the MCD.
  3. Preparing and executing such statements required to comply with campaign finance laws.
  4. Establishing such procedures, with the approval of the Executive Board, that best facilitates the performance of duties outlined in (1), (2) and (3) above.
  5. Serving as co-President of the Finance Subcommittee.
    1. Overseeing the management of MCD funds.
    2. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD.

Development Officer Responsibilities: Membership & Personal Outreach

  1. Serving as acting President in the absence of the President and First Vice President
  2. Drafting an annual membership and outreach plan for approval by the MCD.
  3. Implementing the membership and outreach plan.
  4. Serving as President of the Development Subcommittee.
    1. The development subcommittee are the “boots on the ground”
  5. Serving as President in the absence of the President, both Vice Presidents, and the Financial Officer.
  6. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board

Secretary Responsibilities:

  1. Keeping a record of MCD proceedings; maintaining a roster of Membership; call roll before each meeting and determining whether a quorum is present; maintaining the Members’ attendance records, noting when Members are represented by their Alternates; and officially declaring vacancies.
  2. Sending the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting(s), and other pertinent information to all members and Alternates, allowing receipt no later than five (5) business days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, unless there are special circumstances.
  3. Ensuring adequate public notice is given for all meetings.
  4. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.
  5. Designating a Secretary Pro Tem to serve when the Secretary is unable to attend an MCD meeting.

Fundraising Officer Responsibilities: Sponsorship

  1. Serving as co-President of the Finance Subcommittee.
  2. Implementing the fundraising (yearly) plan.
  3. Leverage club membership and network for fundraising opportunities; includes: 3rd party events, institutional fundraising/crowdsourcing, PR events, etc.
  4. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.

Communications Officer Responsibilities: Mass Communications

  1. Serving as President of the Social Media Subcommittee.
  2. The default speaker for MCD at public events (radio stations, interviews, etc)
  3. In charge of Press Releases when applicable (MCD or endorsed political and public events)
  4. Act as Press Liaison – familiar with local media outlets, building those contacts, and in rapport with said contacts
  5. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.

Political Coordinator Responsibilities:

  1. Act as Political Liaison – familiar with local politicians, building those contacts, and in rapport with said contacts
  2. President the Endorsement Subcommittee
  3. Work with the Communications Director for promoting education political material
  4. Create and disclose Political Strategy Report for every meeting or when political circumstances arise
  5. Identify future political allies and candidates – responsible for communicating with local political and community leaders and the public at large
  6. Meet with local elected officials to discuss cannabis legislation/concerns at least 3 times a month; coordinate with a local elected official as potential speaker at monthly meeting
  7. Carrying out the directives and policies of the MCD and the Executive Board.
Section 2: Eligibility and Election of Officers
  1. Any voting Member of the MCD is eligible to be an officer of the MCD.
  2. All officers shall be nominated and elected by a majority of Members present and voting at the July meeting of the MCD during presidential election years and shall immediately assume office upon confirmation of vote.
  3. The election of officers shall be presided over by the outgoing President of the MCD. If the President is seeking re-election, the election of officers shall be presided over by the highest ranking current officer not seeking reelection as an officer. If all officers are seeking re-election, the outgoing President will appoint a member in attendance to preside over the vote.
  4. Terms of office shall expire at the subsequent July meeting of the MCD every year. Membership terms of officers shall extend till the end of their term of office. If necessary, the officer shall be designated a temporary Member-at-large for the period between the organizational meeting and the July meeting, and the maximum number of Members-at-large permitted in Section II B 3 shall be temporarily increased accordingly.
Section 3: Vacancies and Removal of Officers

An officer may be removed for cause at any time.

  1. A resolution to remove, specifying cause or causes, shall be introduced at a regular meeting.
  2. Action on the resolution shall be postponed until the next regular meeting, at which time that officer shall have a right to a hearing at which charges will be specified.
  3. The officer may offer relevant defense, including the calling of witnesses to refute the charges.
  4. A notice that the hearing will take place must be provided to all MCD
  5. Members no later than 5 (five) business days in advance

If the officer is the President, the First Vice President shall preside.

Following the hearing, the resolution shall be reintroduced and seconded. A vote of two thirds (2/3) of the Members present is required for passage of a resolution to remove an officer. When an officer ceases to be a Member of the MCD for any reason, the Secretary shall declare a vacancy and an election will be held at the next regular MCD meeting to determine a successor.

A notice of that election shall be issued by the Secretary to all Members at least ten (10) days in advance

A majority of Members present and voting shall determine the election to fill the vacancy.

Section 1: Organizational Meeting
  • The Organizational Meeting shall be the first regular meeting of the MCD following the certification of the vote in the direct primary in which members are elected.
  • The Organizational Meeting shall be called by and presided over by the President of the MCD.
Section 2: Regular Meetings
  • The MCD shall hold no fewer than twelve (12) meetings a year.
  • The President, prior to the adjournment of each meeting, shall announce the time and place of the next meeting.
  • The President shall determine a suitable location for each meeting, and ensure that the site is ADA compliant.
  • The meeting will alternate between Salinas and Monterey.
Section 3: Special Meetings

Meetings of the MCD may be called by the President, or upon the request of five (5) regular Members, on five (5) days notice.

Section 4: Voting/Quorum/Proxies
  1. Each Member or Alternate Member must be physically present to vote. There shall be no voting by proxy.
  2. A quorum for the transaction of business shall be no less than fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of voting Members of the MCD. A quorum shall be maintained at all times for the transaction of all business.
  3. No vote shall be taken by secret ballot.
  4. We will be using a combination of Google Forms and physical voting to conduct the vote.
  5. Voting will be closed: 24 hours from the conclusion of the meeting when the vote was called.
  6. Anybody who has a vote will also have access to the live Google Spreadsheet for view purposes only to see what the tally is.
ARTICLE VI: SUBCOMMITTEES we are gonna need a lot of members to have this many subcommittees, this section is based on the Central Committee, which has a lot more members.

The President shall appoint Subcommittees charged with specific responsibilities. Subcommittees shall be designated as Standing Subcommittees and Ad Hoc Subcommittees.

Only voting Members, Associate Members and Alternates of the MCD may President subcommittees, but any individual may be appointed as a subcommittee Member. Each subcommittee shall have at least two (2) Members, plus a President.

Section 1: Standing Subcommittees

Responsible for ongoing activities, Standing Subcommittees shall be appointed at the next regular meeting following the Organizational Meeting, although additional Members may be added at any time. Unless reappointed, the terms of all appointees shall not extend past the next Organizational Meeting.

Finance Subcommittee:

The Finance Subcommittee shall be run by the Financial Officer, and shall oversee all affairs related to the financial activities and programs of the MCD, including, but not limited to: budget development, prioritizing allocation of resources, compliance with campaign finance laws, and administration of proper fiscal controls.

Development Subcommittee:

The Development Subcommittee be run by the Development Officer, and shall oversee all affairs related to fundraising activities and programs of the MCD, including, but not limited to, events, annual fund and membership campaigns, and major gifts.

Credentials Subcommittee:

The Credential Subcommittee shall be responsible for reviewing qualifications of prospective Members, recommending candidates for appointment, and investigating cause for potential removal of a Member.

Platform Subcommittee:

The Issues Subcommittee shall conduct research necessary to formulate positions on public issues referred to the MCD.

Communications Subcommittee:

The Communications Subcommittee shall institute methods and oversee all efforts to maintain contact with Monterey County Democrats and other groups with shared interests.

Information Technology Subcommittee:

The Information Technology Subcommittee shall remain current with developments in information technology that will expedite the accomplishment of the purposes of the MCD, make appropriate recommendations regarding such technology, and implement and oversee its applications within the MCD.

Social Media Subcommittee:

Endorsements Subcommittee:

Should be formed only in election years, or in response to a special election.

Campaign Subcommittee:

The Campaign Subcommittee shall engage in on-going planning for political and informational campaigns in which the MCD has direct involvement.

Section 2: Ad Hoc Sub Committees

Ad Hoc Subcommittees may be appointed at any time to accomplish specific tasks.

  • Ad Hoc Subcommittee Members’ service on such subcommittee shall expire when the subcommittee is discharged.
  • Ad Hoc Subcommittees are discharged when their mission is complete; additionally, all Ad Hoc subcommittees shall be discharged each year, either at the Organizational Meeting or on the anniversary of the Organizational Meeting, unless otherwise reappointed.
Section 1: Endorsements
  • The MCD may endorse candidates for elected office, and ballot measures, according to such standards and procedures it develops. From time to time, the MCD may endorse positions on other public issues.
  • Proposals for endorsements must be presented as resolutions at regular or special meetings, and approved according to standing policy and procedure.
  • No Member may state or imply that a candidate, ballot measure, or other issue is endorsed by the MCD unless an endorsement has been approved.
Section 1: Amending of the Bylaws

A proposed bylaw amendment shall be submitted in writing to the MCD President at an open meeting.

Upon a motion to approve the amendment, duly seconded, the matter shall be postponed until the next regular meeting.

The Secretary will distribute a copy of the proposed amendment to each Member seven (7) days prior to the next regular meeting, and announce the time, date and place of the meeting upon which it will be voted.

A vote of two thirds (2/3) of the Members present in good standing is required to approve an amendment to the bylaws.

Section 1: Legal Authority

The MCD shall be subject to compliance with the California Elections Code, specifically:

  1. Members, Sections 7200-7216
  2. Elections, Sections 7225-7229
  3. Meetings, Sections 7235-7236
  4. General Business, Sections, 7240-7244
Section 2: Parliamentary Authority

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the standard for conduct of all matters not in conflict with these bylaws.

Section 3: Other Authority

The MCD shall comply with such relevant and appropriate sections of the Bylaws and Rules of the California Democratic Party.